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KN EAGLE C--1100

High Performance

All Day Operation


Up to 12 hours operation time to perform multiple mission

HD--visible light camera and infrared camera built in optical platform 

Equipped with 200m integrated  photoelectric composite cable

Multi-Function integrated ground

​station provide powerful drone and infinite possibility 



With great power comes great capability.

​KN EAGLE C--1100 represents the new level performance and operation time of captive drone. No matter how complex the mission is, all day operation time can give you the possibility to get over it. 

Up to 

12 hrs 

​operation time

Up to 

200 m


Up to

5 kg

​rated payload

Up to

30 times 

​optical zoom


Explore more possibility in your work and life.

​KN EAGLE C--1100 can be applied in 

  • Aircraft Inspection

  • Live streaming for event

  • Communication relay station

  • ​Low-altitude radar system

With KN EAGLE C--1100

​You could do more than this.

Contact us to get your customizing services.

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