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Consultation for Drones

With our professional team, you can get your best customizing services for drones

KN TECHNOLOGIES provides consultation for development of drones, mainly from two strategies:

 1. We provide completed professional solutions for your profession or your company, aiming at improving your level of all the aspects of drone and build a completed knowledge system, including the following:

  • Training adapted to your needs (Both in content and schedule)

  • Adequate study materials with your professional drone use according to the following parameters:

    • To learn the technical characteristics of the on-board sensors

    • To learn how to choose drone in terms of carrying capacity and compliance with regulations according to your application environment

    • To learn how to choose the type of battery and quantity needed according to your drone use(as well as the associated chargers)

    • To learn how to choose your best remote radio control according to your drone 

    • To learn how to choose a screen to meet your all needs (video return quality, applications consistent with the operating system)

    • To get a basic knowledge of related accessories

  • We provide equipments meeting your needs accompanied by a maintenance service

 2. Outsource for specific needs, KN ​​TECHNOLOGIES assists you in the following criteria:

  • Choosing a services provider by our validating skills

  • As a supervisor of your drone missions

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