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​Initial Telepilot Courses 

If you are new to drone, we will provide you with a training drone 

to learn how to telepilot a drone, learn the regulation and principle safety of operation 

you can also telepilot your own drone with our monitoring and advising

​Professional Telepilot Courses 

If you need to teleploit a drone as an additional tool, to improve drone operating skills in profession 

such as the sectors of agriculture, construction, surveillance, security, photography

​you can find professional training to meet your needs

​Professional Expert Telepilot Courses 

If you want to master of all types of multi-rotors drones and make it become your main business
If you are a professional user of Photo, Video and want to explore more possibility with drones

​Professional Expert training is your perfect courses 

DGAC Documents​ Writing Courses

If you need to write quickly and accurately all the documents necessary 

for your certification to DGVC or other authorities

​This course will help you to know how to write these related documents

Missions Preparation Courses

If you want to improve your mission management and be able to prepare missions in a short time 

with all the required details covered 

​Preparation for Mission Training will be your best choice

Photogrammetry Courses 

If you want to expend your services with photogrammetry

We have training drones and related softwares training for you

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