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​Professional Experts Telepilot Courses 

Start with our courses and become an expert in your drone business

This certification of professional pilot is valid for lifetime

Course Objectives

To master the exploitation of a drone in order to use it as a complementary tool, improve drone operating for your profession by learning this course.

Professions related to agriculture, construction, surveillance and security, this training is the first step before becoming a Professional Pilot.

No prerequisite is required to integrate this training.

This course is divided into 2 phases:

1. Preparation for the ULM theoretical patent. Patent is necessary to pilot a drone in a professional.

2. Practice to pilot with 3 models of drones supplemented by regulatory knowledge. 

(If you are already a drone pilot, only this practical phase is necessary, contact us for more details)

At the end you leave with:

A summary booklet (PDF file)

A certification that allowing you issue a DNC

Phase 1

Preparation for ULM theoretical patent in e-learning + 2 half-days (7hours) learning in room, 8 trainees max.

HT 250€ or TTC 300€

Preparation for ULM theoretical patent (intensive)+ 5 days (35hours) learning in room & 1 flight in ULM, 8 trainees max.

HT 900€ or TTC 1080€

Phase 2

Practical phase, 5 days( 35 hours), 2 trainees per 1 instructor, 3 types of drone training, 1 flight in ULM.

HT 2400€ or TTC 2880€

More information 

These 2 phases of this training are proposed in several ways in order to adapt the learning to your objectives and your constraints


In Phase 1, Prepare ULM theoretical patent in 2 ways:

E-learning brings you:

  • Unlimited access for 5 weeks, 2 hours every day recommended, an access code will be provided to you

  • Your own organization of study with your schedule

  • A weekly follow-up answering your queries by email

  • 2 half-days of review in the classroom (8 people maximum) before the exam with representative MCQs. If you are available exclusively on weekends, we are also available. Tell us what you need before we give you a quote and a schedule.


Intensive arrangement includes:

  • Classes on a blocked period (35 hours on 1 week, 8 people maximum) before the theoretical exam

  • Training with representative MCQs

  • A flight with a certified pilot is integrated into this phase.

Weekend courses:

If you are only available on weekends, we offer you the Intensive courses over a period of 6 days in 3 consecutive weekends (42 hours). Tell us what you need before we give you a quote and a schedule.


In Phase 2 , Practice phase:

Considering the quality of courses, this phase is organized with 2 trainees per instructor, and this course is including:

  • Practice to pilot drones and learn theoretical specifications of drones, and you will master all the aspects related to drone using in order to become a professional pilot (see table below)

  • You will perform a flight in ULM with a pilot certified to learn the operation environment (aerial regulation, weather) in which you may need to consider in your daily flight.

Weekend courses: 

If you are available exclusively on weekends, we offer this practical phase over a period of 6 days in 3 consecutive weekends (42 hours). Tell us what you need before we give you a quote and a schedule.

Technical Knowledge 
  • Know the areas of application of drone

  • Specific regulation for drones

  • Scenario of flight

  • Decrees of December 17, 2015

  • ​Aeronautics constraints

  • Master the technical knowledge of multi-rotors drones 

  • Understand the knowledge of component, engines, and flight control system

  • Master the remote radio controller

  • Implementation for takeoff and landing 

  • Know the phase of mission preparation 

  • Know how to control the drone with safety ranges

  • Pilot a drone with manual mode and automatic mode

  • Detailed actions for controlling the drone

  • Know how to use "Live & Video" and the Video return system

  • ​Know the risk of operating drones

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