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Image Acquisition & Post Processing 

With your drone and camera onboard, you could do more than you think

​Whatever profession you are working on, Contact us to get your customizing services

Aerial Topography & 2D / 3D Modeling



Deliverable Projects

  • Measurement

  • Calculation 

  • GIS building 

  • Safeguarding and heritage assessment 

  • Photo capture and processing / Geographic measurement

  • Digital Terrain & Elevation Models

  • Digital Modeling 2D & 3D HD

  • Processing data under software GIS, BIM, CAD-CAD

Aerial & Audiovisual Photography



  • Aerial views

  • Multi-cameras co-working 

  • Remote modeling building 

  • Block diagram

Deliverable Projects

  • Bird view photos

  • Video capture 

  • 2D & 3D Modeling 

  • ​Processing and insert virtual image 

Technical Inspection 



  • State check before working 

  • Diagnosis and analysis 

  • Site monitoring / BIM and progress sharing

  • Pipe, network check and monitoring 

Deliverable Projects

  • Photos & Videos

  • 3D Digital modeling 

  • Geography references photos

  • Thermal images 

Surveillance & Security



  • Zone monitoring 

    • Extensive areas, roads

    • Isolated or crowded 

  • ​Observation of stream flow

Deliverable Projects

  • Photos 

  • Videos

  • 2D & 3D modeling 

  • Thermal images 

What's more

We will keep helping you with your project:

Managing a Project that meets your needs requires complex technical work.

We could be your first contact while you managing your project.

Our working is arranged basically following as below:

 1. The acquisition of aerial images by drone, mainly in two aspects:

  • Preparation of the mission with:

    • Tracking upstream

    • Authorization Management

    • Taking the weather into account

    • Choose your equipment which should be most helpful to meet your needs in our stock (drone, sensors)

  • Realization of the mission with:

    • Compliance with security requirement 

    • Flights operation

 2. Working on the post-processing of these images  with the appropriate computer tool, transfer this data into the precise information and delivered in the proper format requested by the client.

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