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Photogrammetry Courses

For Photogrammetry, we offer customizable courses according to your level and your objectives, we can define the content of each step before making a proposal.   

Course Objectives

To get professionals skills in photogrammetry, we provide situations that you will meet in your working, with 3 stages of photogrammetric image :

  1. Photogrammetry capture by drone.

  2. Data processing, 1 computer for 2 people

  3. Data Export + Deliverable & Exploitation


No prerequisites are necessary to carry out Photogrammetry training. 

But if you want to do aerial image capture yourself, a Professional Telepilot training that is recommended.


Photogrammetry training is flexible, here we have 2 ways for different level of learner :

  1. Capturing Images , the trainee learns how to prepare a specific mission to photogrammetry, followed by a practice with a training drone in real condition and a simplified modeling to see the result.

  2. Advanced Photogrammetry, trainee learns all 3 steps described above in very details, and will be to be able to respond to any request from a client .

At the end of this training you leave with: 

Your 3D model that you realized during this training

Capturing Images

Missions preparation in classroom, 1 computer for 2 trainees, capture images with a training drone and simplified modeling, 2 days (14hours), 4 people max

HT 1100€ or TTC 1320€

Advanced Photogrammetry

Missions preparation and work processing in classroom, 1 computer for 2 trainees, capture images with a training drone, 5 days (35hours), 4 people max

HT 2450€ or TTC 2940€

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