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KN EAGLE P--2700

Better Design

Better Efficiency

Ceramic Collection
Six-Rotor brings more power

More than high performance, the downdraft makes spraying more effective, thanks to 28 inches propellers.

Bridal Bouquet

Spraying width  

3--5 m

Spraying capacity  


Spraying flow 


Anti-vibration design 

Stainless steel injector gives guarantee to spraying system, keeping corrosion away.

All anti-vibration design for spraying system, brings accuracy flow during spraying.


​When comes to low battery or lost of radio control, drone will alert and return automatically. Speed and altitude are all limited in a certain range to make sure safe operation. It can take care of itself.

Foldable design 

​The drone, with foldable arms, takes less space in storage and transportation.

Disassembly propellers design, reduces the time in deployment of drone system.

One-button design 

This system is designed with one-button return, one-button landing, fly path automatically planning. With this smart flight system, you could do more in a simply but efficient way.

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