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​Professional Telepilot Courses 

Learn the Professional Telepilot Courses and get a new level in your drone skills

This certification of professional pilot is valid for lifetime

Course Objectives

To master the exploitation of drone in order to use it as a complementary tool, to improve the skills of your profession by learning this course.

Professions related to agriculture, construction, surveillance, security, this training is the first step before becoming a Professional Pilot.

No prerequisite is required to integrate this training.

This course is divided into 2 phases:

1. Preparation for the ULM theoretical patent. Patent is necessary for professional pilots.

2. Practice to pilot with 3 different models of drones supplemented by regulatory knowledge. 

(If you are already a pilot of drone, only this practical phase is necessary, contact us for more details)

At the end you leave with:

A summary booklet (PDF file)

A certification that allowing you issue a DNC

Phase 1

Preparation for ULM theoretical patent in e-learning + 2 half-days (7hours) learning in room, 8 trainees max.

HT 250€ or TTC 300€

Preparation for ULM theoretical patent + 5 days (35hours) learning in room & 1 flight in ULM, 8 trainees max.

HT 900€ or TTC 1080€

Phase 2

Practical phase, 5 days( 35 hours), 2 trainees per monitor, 3 types of drone training, 1 flight in ULM.

HT 2400€ or TTC 2880€

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