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​Consulting, Engineering and Training


For services, we have

Studies, Consulting, Training and Support by Technical Coaching

Architecture and Design 

Systems Design: Flight controls, avionics, power generation & distribution

Airframe Components and Accessories, e.g. doors systems equipment

Modeling, Predictive Health Monitoring

Configuration Management

Technical support and maintenance design

General Aerospace 

Test means design and product integration

Flight tests, flight test means

Design process engineering

Certification, initial TC, STC TSO, Operations and Maintenance (part M & part 145)

General Aerospace 

​Consultation Services

Overall application analysis including technical uses and budget

Equipment and component selection guidance 

Regulatory environment identification and support 

​Support to operation: Regulatory approval, security, operation skills

Drones and Robots 

Training and support 

Application studies of Drone & Robot 

​Proficiency in hardware and software, machine platform and sensors

Drone professional training and mission preparation 

Regulatory official documents writing 

Drones and Robots 

Image Acquisition & Post Processing 

Aerial Topography & 2D / 3D Modeling
Aerial & Audiovisual Photography

Technical Inspection

Surveillance & Security
Image Post Processing 

Drones and Robots 

We also provide consulting and engineering:

 Previous studies: 

Certification for APU (aircraft part) : Fire protection analysis

TSO/ETSO Certification for Flight Recorder’s

Training on Aerospace Standards

Training on de-icing system

Training/Support on PHM system design

Design of a FADEC integration test bench

Training & Workshop on DO160

Definition of tests for fuel accessory equipment

Training and Support on Flight Controls Loads in view of aircraft certification......

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