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KN EAGLE C--1100



Length: 1200mm

Width: 1200mm

Height:  550mm

Wheelbase: 1200mm

Blade size: 22 inch

Zero payload weigh: 11 kg

Rated payload: 5kg

Rated power: 1300W (Peak value: 1500W)

Maximum fly altitude: 200m

Maximum climb speed: 5m/s

Maximum takeoff elevation: 3000m

Working temperature conditions:  -20 ~ 50 ℃

Ground Station

Length: 500mm

Width: 500mm

Height: 520mm

Rated: 1500W (Peak value 2000W)

Power Inputs: Electricity generator or 220V AC

Weight: 25kg (Including lines but without fuel)

Cable: 200m photoelectric composite cable

​Aviation plug: 2PIN, 4PIN, 10PIN

Aviation plug 4PIN

Aviation plug 2PIN

​Communication plug 4PIN




Providing  DC high voltage input

Providing DC output

Transmit remote telemetry and image information between  drones and ground stations

Plug type



Startup: manually (electrical startup is available)

Weight: 18kg (without fuel)

Fuel tank volume: 3.8L

Continuous working time: 12h

Rated output voltage: 220VAC

Rated power: 1500W

Maximum power: 2000W

Onboard Power Supply

( DC--DC ) 

Length: 210mm

Width: 180mm

Height: 35mm

Shell material: Aviation aluminum alloy

Weight: <1.6kg

Power: Rated 1500w    Peak 2000w

Rated input voltage: 350-400VDC

Output voltage: 46±1.5V

Rated operating frequency: 50HZ

Output current: 45A (maximum 60A)

Adjustment rate accuracy: 1.5%

Power conversion efficiency: 97.2%

Aviation plug 2PIN

Aviation plug 2PIN

Aviation plug 2PIN

​Communication plug 5PIN

Battery input

DC high voltage input 

DC Output 

Power status monitoring 





Interface form


Plug type

​Standard Payload 


Weight: ≤ 1500g

Size: ≤ ∅ 140mm × 160mm

Power: 12V~24V

Average power: ≤ 30W

Compressed format: H.264 for video (≥25 frames per second); JPEG for photos.

Visible light camera:

Resolution: ≥ 1920 pixels × 1080 pixels

Field of view: 4°~56°

Optical zoom: 30 times

Focal length: 4.5mm~129mm

Electronic image stabilization and anti-shake function

Automatic dimming, auto focus and continuous zoom control functions

Infrared camera:

Resolution: ≥ 640 pixels × 480 pixels

Field of view: ≥15°×11°

Focal length: 40mm

Refrigeration method: non-refrigeration

Automatic brightness, automatic contrast and other control functions

Optical platform:

Roll: +90°~-90° (0° in the down direction, positive to the right)

Pitch: +20°~-110° (0° in the horizontal direction, the head is positive)

Heading: N*360 °

Maximum angular velocity: ≥ 30°/s

Maximum angular acceleration: ≥30°/s2

Stability accuracy: ≤1 mrad (RMS)

Control functions: binning, centering, scanning and gyro correction

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